As stated in your rental agreement, your Security/Cleaning Deposit is fully refundable - as long as you comply with all the terms of your agreement. That includes giving proper written notice of your intent to vacate the property - a minimum of thirty days prior to the end of the next rental period - for example, if you are on a month to month agreement and you want to move at the end of June, you should plan to give written notice before the end of May - we have a form in the office you can use to provide this notice.  If you plan to move in the middle of a month, for example June 15th, you will be held responsible for the rent until the end of June, or, if the property is re-rented before the end of June, until the date a new tenant takes occupancy.

If you are on a lease and want to move at the end of your lease, you should plan to give written notice prior to the end of the month before the last month of your lease - for example, if your lease expires on July 31st, you should plan to give written notice before June 30th. If you need to move out of your property before the end of your lease you will still be held responsible for the rent until the end of the lease, or until the property is re-leased. Contact our office to discuss how we can assist in this circumstance.

In all cases if you move out of the property before the end of your responsibility as a tenant, you will be& required to pay for all utilities that were your responsibility during your tenancy. It is helpful, and less expensive, if you leave the utilities in your name until the last day you are responsible for the rent. For example, if you have given proper notice that you will be vacating the property on June 30th, but you actually move out on June 20th, you should leave the water/sewer/trash, electric, gas (as applicable) in your name until June 30th. If you don’t do this, the utilities will be transferred into the owner’s name - there may be transfer charges assessed and it may take longer to settle the final bills and thus delay the refund of your deposit.

Another area that creates misunderstandings and deductions from the Security/Cleaning Deposit is required cleaning,maintenance and repairs. Paragraph19. Surrender Of Premises, describes in detail what is expected in the way of cleaning, repairs and maintenance. From a practical matter, the following is a list of discrepancies that are most often found during a check-out inspection.

Kitchen - grease on the stove top; drip pans dirty or need to be replaced; oven has cleaner residue or is not cleaned; debris (this includes food, trash, salt, sugar, etc.) in cabinets and drawers; garbage disposal has silverware, screws, bones, etc. in it; refrigerator/freezer has debris and/or sticky spots; range hood is greasy, light bulb is burned out; counter tops have scratches, chips, or have not been cleaned; sink has not been cleaned.

Bathrooms - medicine cabinet mirror not cleaned (streaked); debris in vanity drawers; soap residue on tub/shower enclosure (to check this, run your hand over the tub enclosure/tile, if you have soap or cleanser residue on your hand, the area will not pass inspection); toilet not clean - especially check the hinges behind the seat; light bulbs burned out or missing.

Carpets - the rental agreement requires that the carpets be “freshly, professionally steam cleaned”, this means that you must contract with someone who does carpet cleaning as a business - you are not allowed to rent a machine and clean the carpets yourself, and you can’t have your neighbor, who has a really good carpet cleaning machine do the carpets for you. You can either have our maintenance man clean your carpets, or you can hire another carpet cleaning service in town - if you hire another service, you must provide a copy of the paid receipt to our office, or the carpets will be cleaned by our service and the cost will be deducted from your deposit. The carpet cleaning should be the last thing done after you move out. You should turn in keys at our office immediately after you vacate the property - if keys are not turned in you will be charged to have the locks changed - a charge of $65 or more.