Moving in or out of a property is stressful and we want to make the process as easy as possible for you at CWPM.  You MUST give a 30-day notice to vacate a property (even if you vacate at the end of a lease).  If you move out before your lease is up you will be responsible for rent until we re-rent the property and you could forfeit your security deposit as well.  Refer to your lease for any questions regarding this policy.

Upon move-in, you will download the move-in form and make note of any existing damage to the property.  Be sure to make a thorough record to avoid confusion at move-out.  Bring the completed form back to the office.

Before you move-out be sure to schedule a walkthrough with CWPM to check your cleaning and condition of the property.  If you choose not to schedule a walkthrough CWPM will use their discretion to determine if you have fulfilled the cleaning requirements.  Carpets must be cleaned by a professional, no exceptions.  For helpful hints and instructions please download the checkout suggestions below.



Brian Gregg - Associate Broker/CWPM Manager

Jennifer Gregg - Associate Broker/Marketing
Ben Alexander - Employing Broker

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