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Moving Boxes


Moving in or out of a property is stressful and we want to make the process as easy as possible for you at CWPM.  You MUST give a 30-day calendar notice to vacate a property (even if you vacate at the end of a lease we need the 30-day notice).  If you move out before the end of your lease you will be responsible for rent until we re-rent the property and you could forfeit your security deposit as well.  Refer to your lease for any questions regarding this policy.

When you move-in you will be given the move-in checklist (you can also download one here).  You need to make note of any existing damage to the property.  Be sure to make a thorough record to avoid confusion at move-out.  Please return the completed form to the office within 2 days of your move in date.  If you would like to submit move-in photos you can return those to our office on a flash drive or SD card that we will keep in your file.  Those photos must be returned within one week of your move-in date.

When you move out of your home or apartment all lightbulbs must be working, all smoke detectors working (not beeping), the property inside and outside must be clean, free of trash and debris and free of damage.  The inside of the property must be thoroughly cleaned including the oven, refrigerator, kitchen and bathroom cabinets wiped out, sinks, toilets, bathtubs and showers scrubbed.  Carpets must be cleaned by a professional at your expense, no exceptions.  CWPM can schedule your carpet cleaning and charge the fee to your deposit or you can schedule it with an approved professional company and bring us the receipt of payment as proof that the carpets have been done.

All cleaning and carpet cleaning must be completed and your keys must be returned to CWPM before midnight on the day of your move-out.  Your original keys with the CWPM stamp must be returned to the office or you will be charged a fee for rekeying the locks.  For more helpful tips and instructions please download the checkout suggestions below.

Move In/Move Out Policies and Forms: Service
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