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How to begin your tenancy with CWPM

Step 1: Find a property that you are interested in by checking our available properties page

Step 2: Call to schedule a showing

Step 3: You may fill out the residential rental application online or fill out a paper application at our office.  We must run a credit and background check to approve your application.  The fee for this is $40.

Step 4: You must pay your deposit to hold the property and take if off of the market.  The security deposit is $50 more than the rent amount for year long leases and $350 more than the rent for a month to month lease.  You would also pay an additional deposit for pets if applicable.

Step 5: Choose your move-in date and sign your rental agreement (lease) on or before your move-in date.

Step 6: Transfer utilities to your name prior to you move-in date.  Please see the utility procedure page for more information and to download the utility transfer sheet.

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