Many of the single-family homes managed by CWPM will allow pets (although a few of our single family homes do not allow pets).  Some houses will allow dogs but not cats and some will only allow one pet.  No more than 2 pets are allowed at any property managed by CWPM.  It is important to check the listing information and confirm when you have a showing what the rules are for the property you are interested in.  All apartments managed by CWPM are designated as no pets allowed. 

In order to have a pet in your new home, you must pay an additional security deposit on top of your regular security deposit. The amount of the additional deposit is $450 and it is refundable at the end of your lease assuming all move out conditions stipulated in the lease are met.  You are responsible for all damage caused by pets.  If the damage expense exceeds your deposit you will owe the extra amount to CWPM.

Certain breeds of dogs will not be allowed in any of the properties managed by CWPM.  The list of restricted breeds will include but not be limited to the following:

* Pit Bulls

* Rottweilers

* Mastiffs

* Doberman Pinschers

* German Shepherds

Mixed breeds and other breeds not listed here will be considered on a case by case basis.  You should let us know right away if your dog has a history of aggressive behavior.   In certain cases tenants might be required to carry renters insurance which covers their dog and lists the owner of the property as additionally insured on the policy.